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If you see a term you don’t agree with the definition of, or if you think of something you think should be added, please submit your complaints or additions. We can set up a call to ensure we get things right. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the cost of using Freightionary?

Freightionary is a free resource. It costs you nothing. $0. Enjoy. 

Why is this terrific resource free?

Because the transportation industry deserves good, fun educational resources. 

Who is behind this?

The people at Burns Logistics.

How can I help promote Freightionary?

Please feel free to share a link to our site or one of the definitions to your social media, or with a friend who would enjoy our content via email or text. Thanks in advance!

Where do you get your definitions?

Over 30 years in the industry and you get to know a few things. Also, we ask people to submit their ideas for definitions so we can write a term. If we get stumped, we research the term or ask someone who knows more than us.